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Most of you know Dr. David Horvath as a well-respected plastic surgeon with 20 years of experience providing high-quality reconstructive and cosmetic plasticsurgery procedures. Dr. Horvath is changing the direction of his practice, now focusing exclusively on non-surgical cosmetic solutions. Horvath Aesthetics is the new name that carries forward the same quality, service and friendliness you knew from Horvath Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Horvath has always taken a conservative approach to surgery, concentrating on preserving and enhancing natural beauty. As a close observer of the latest developments in his field, he has followed with great interest the incredible new innovations that allow many of the goals of plastic surgery to be achieved through non-surgical options. The world of plasticsurgery is rapidly changing, and most of that change is taking place with non-invasive treatments.

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Dr. David Horvath

"Because I have performed all of the known cosmetic procedures in the operating room, I have complete understanding of the anatomy and how that anatomy can be adjusted to improve and rejuvenate one's appearance," Dr. Horvath explains. "Over the last several years I began to notice how much of the surgical interventions I was doing could be handled with non-surgical treatments."

As part of this redirection, Dr. Horvath will no longer be based at Abington Hospital, but instead will provide concierge events at aesthetic spas near your neighborhood. These events, hosted in collaboration with spas throughout the Philadelphia area, will offer non-operative solutions, beginning with Botox and injectable fillers. For the consumer, the prime advantage of these events is the chance to consult with a medical doctor and trusted surgeon. This is in contrast to what commonly occurs at many spas, where treatments are done by non-medical personnel.

During a concierge event, Dr. Horvath will perform an examination, provide recommendations, and devise a plan that is right for you. He will also be clear about what you should expect with both the effectiveness and expense of each treatment.

Dr. David Horvath Mission

"I am very excited to start this new page in my career," Dr. Horvath says. "It will allow me to slow down my life a bit while increasing the effectiveness of the time spent with my patients, provide easier solutions for them, and not be distracted by the demands of a surgical practice."

The mission of Horvath Aesthetics is to magnify natural beauty, focusing on patient desires and providing honest, effective non-invasive options that are much less costly and time-consuming than surgery. The new website will be updated regularly with information about spa locations, treatments and monthly specials. In addition to injectables, spa services will include ultherapy and, very soon, microneedling and em-sculpting.

Follow links on the website to learn more about the top-quality spas that will be hosting the concierge events, as soon as state COVID-19 health guidelines allow. Please see our schedule below.



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