Platelet Rich Fibrin Injections Philadelphia


Utilize Your Body’s Healing Capabilities with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) uses concentrated blood to rejuvenate your skin and tissues and is especially useful for under-eye rejuvenation. PRF harnesses your body’s healing response using growth factors isolated from a blood sample. This process is considered a newer and improved method for the under eyes because the platelets form a gel matrix that includes leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells. This autologous, blood-derived biomaterial has a three-dimensional fibrin meshwork that fills the under eye hollow and repairs skin concerns and signs of aging. Horvath Aesthetics offers PRF injections for under-eye rejuvenation and other cosmetic issues.

Platelet-rich fibrin injections Philadelphia

How Can Platelet-Rich Fibrin Injections Help Me?

PRF injections can improve dark circles and tear troughs where the lower eyelids meet the cheek area. This treatment is also helpful for deep folds, facial volume loss, and superficial lines and wrinkles. PRF injections can improve skin texture concerns, such as acne scarring. These injections improve collagen production, increase tissue hydration, and reduce inflammation in the treated area. The added moisture plumps the skin’s tissues and relieves dryness for a youthful appearance. The anti-inflammatory properties of PRF minimize redness and irritation linked to active acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions.

If you struggle with skin concerns that don’t respond to traditional treatment, PRF injections might be a good option for you. Dr. Horvath will discuss your cosmetic concerns during your consultation and may recommend PRF injections or a combination of cosmetic treatments to improve your appearance.

How Does Platelet-Rich Fibrin Work?

PRF improves the skin’s healing abilities. The biomaterial binds platelets and growth factors that promotes tissue regeneration by increasing the concentration of growth factors in the treated area. PRF injections have been used in orthopedics for sports-related traumas and were shown to promote bone regeneration when combined with bone grafts during maxillofacial surgery.

Platelet-rich fibrin injections are a three-step process:

Drawing Your Blood: A blood sample is drawn from your arm. The sample amount depends on the size of the treated area.
Isolating PRF: Your blood sample is placed in a centrifuge at low speed to separate the elements. The PRF process does not add an anticoagulant like PRP therapy. Instead, the blood elements spin and split to form a fibrin matrix that keeps cells more active, allowing for a slower and longer release of growth factors for better facial rejuvenation. Platelet-rich fibrin is a gel-like substance with a spongy texture. It’s rich in stem cells, platelets, growth factors, and fibrin.
Injecting PRF in the Skin: The nutrient-rich cells are collected from the top layer of the tube(s) in the centrifuge. The concentrated PRF is injected into the under-eye or multiple facial areas for natural rejuvenation.

PRF injections have a low risk of side effects because the treatment uses your blood. This treatment decreases dark circles under the eyes, lessens wrinkles, and stimulates skin healing.

Minimal Downtime After PRF Injections

PRF injections Philadelphia

The activated cells in the treated area may cause a tingling sensation after PRF injections. Patients may experience swelling, soreness, redness, bruising, or itching that may last up to five days after the treatment. Dr. David Horvath recommends using a cold compress to ease discomfort.

Discuss your medications and supplements with Dr. Horvath before your treatment; you may need to discontinue them before your PRF appointment. Also, do not use aspirin, ibuprofen, or other anti-inflammatory medications for at least three days after PRF injections. In addition, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking may affect recovery and should be avoided after PRF injections.

Avoid vigorous activities and exercises for at least two days and stay away from sun exposure and heat. Increasing your water intake can help during recovery.

PRF Injections Offer Incredible Results

PRF injections improve tissue regeneration by harnessing the healing properties in your blood. When you see your results depends on your skin concern and how long it takes for your body to create noticeable changes with the natural healing process. However, most people see an improvement after the first treatment. PRF injections are typically done in a series and about three monthly sessions are recommended. Touch-up treatments are recommended six months or so after the first appointment and then annually to maintain results. Results from PRF injections tend to appear after the first or second treatment, with the best results seen after the third or final session.

Contact Horvath Aesthetics About PRF Injections

Dr. Horvath is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in non-surgical treatments. He has helped countless patients achieve excellent results without invasive surgery. Schedule your consultation to discuss PRF injections at Horvath Aesthetics by calling (215) 884-2880.

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