Female Orgasm Enhancement Philadelphia

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Many women will experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives, and many factors can contribute to this issue. Your hormone levels, blood flow, nerve function and psychological concerns can affect your ability to achieve orgasm or experience sexual excitement, causing decreased lubrication and sensation. Orgasm enhancement with Alma Duo laser treatments can restore sexual function and spontaneity to your sex life. 

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How Can Orgasm Enhancement (Alma Duo Laser) Help Me?

Orgasmic disorder may be diagnosed if you experience ongoing symptoms such as delayed orgasms or difficulty reaching orgasm after sufficient arousal and stimulation. This condition can significantly impact your life, but non-invasive treatment with Alma Duo delivers fast results without downtime for improved orgasms and lubrication.

Female Orgasm Enhancement Philadelphia

The Alma Duo laser is the only FDA-approved machine for treating vaginal sensitivity and erectile dysfunction. This treatment uses the gold standard for shock wave technology, called low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (Li-ESWT). It is clinically proven to restore natural sexual performance by stimulating better blood flow. 

Orgasm enhancement with Alma Duo doesn’t involve pills, injections or invasive procedures that may or may not improve sexual function. The pulse technology pushes your body to heal the area through natural growth factors. This treatment may help if you regularly struggle to reach climax due to a lack of intensity or orgasm. 

How Does the Treatment Work?

Increasing Blood Flow

Orgasm Enhancement for Women Philadelphia

The Li-ESWT used in Alma Duo can increase vaginal sensitivity and lubrication and make sexual intercourse comfortable again. The pulse technology improves blood flow through quick, short pulses that deliver a peak positive pressure, or shock, to the tissues and sex organs, followed by longer bursts of negative pressure. That mixture stresses the targeted area that signals your body’s wound-healing responses. New blood vessels are formed for improved blood flow and natural function and increased blood flow to the clitoris for enhanced pleasure. The Alma Duo penetrates five times deeper than other technologies, offering better results with less time commitment. 

Quick and Easy Treatments 

Alma Duo is a revolutionary treatment and the first and only one FDA-approved for women’s intimacy sensations. Treatment sessions for orgasm enhancement are pain-free and non-invasive, taking just 15 minutes. Most female patients experience positive results shortly after treatment. A series of six

treatments done over three weeks is recommended for the best results.

No Downtime

Orgasm enhancement with Alma Duo doesn’t require an anesthetic or downtime, and some patients can have sexual intercourse as early as the next day. While you may experience some bruising or discomfort in the area, this is typically short-lived. The patented technology is clinically proven to improve blood flow and sensation to restore your sex life. 

Enhanced Orgasms and Increased Lubrication with Alma Duo Laser

Alma Duo shock wave technology can bring back sexual spontaneity through painless treatments. You can enjoy improved sexual function with enhanced orgasms and increased lubrication for at least two years. Maintenance treatments can provide long-lasting improvement.

Schedule your consultation at Horvath Aesthetics to see if orgasm enhancement with Alma Duo is right for you by calling (215) 884-2880. 

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